Wooden Products

Aftab Rushchoob Company
Leading in wooden products and cabinet manufacturing
Design, custom orders, and free consultation nationwide
10-year unconditional warranty on our products.

Manufacturing Various Types of Wall Cabinets, Bedroom Furniture, and More…
Producing Complete Bridal Trousseau, Wooden Bridal Sets, TV Cabinets, Sideboards, Buffets, Dining Tables

Offering the Widest and Most Luxurious Variety of Wooden Products: Anti-Theft Doors, Interior Doors, Cabinets, Wooden Railings, and Everything Related to Wood.
Modern and Unique Design with a Dedicated and Expert Team, Precision, and Speed in Executing Every Partial and Complete Project in All Areas of Tehran and Its Surroundings

Speed, Precision, Quality, Work Completion, Timeliness, Commitment, Supervision, and Good Workmanship – We Have It All. We Believe in Ourselves and Our Skilled Team. You Order, We Deliver – From Start to Finish.

Aftab Rushchoob Company (Limited Liability)
Registration Number: 2322
National ID: 10104029632

Designing / Manufacturing / Installing Various Cabinets and Wooden Products
All company products come with a ten-year unconditional written warranty.