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One of the most important aspects of interior decoration in a building is undoubtedly cabinets and other wooden products. Nowadays, they come in various designs and models, and alongside items like furniture, parquet, and laminate, they have a significant impact on the beauty of a home. Given the availability of various materials with different qualities, choosing a reputable brand and company is very important. We recommend Aftab Rushchoob, managed by Reza Aftab, with a long and distinguished history.
Introduction and Biography of Reza Aftab
Reza Aftab, born in 1977, resides in Iran, specifically in the city of Tehran. He is the CEO of Aftab Rushchoob Company, which has a long history in the production and installation of various types of cabinets and wooden products. Mr. Reza Aftab graduated from Tabriz University in the year 2001 with a degree in Wood and Cellulose. Over the course of more than 25 years of dedicated effort and hard work, he has made a significant impact in the field of wood and cellulose in the country.

Honors of Reza Aftab

Some of Mr. Reza Aftab’s achievements and events.

Attendance at the third national summit honoring successful managers in the fourth industrial revolution.
Participation of Rash Choob Aftab Company among the top national business brands.
Achievement of the title of one of the top 10 domestic wood industry producers.
Participation in the specialized seminar on knowledge management agility.

Designing and purchasing cabinets

The kitchen is one of the main sections of a home, especially for women, where various preferences and tastes come into play when selecting cabinets and kitchen appliances. In today’s modern world, cabinet design is done in various diverse ways, even in three dimensions, with a wide range of color options, ensuring that the needs of individuals with any taste will undoubtedly be met.

If you are looking for specialized cabinet design and installation tailored to your budget, Aftab Rushchoob (rushchoob32.com) is a reliable choice for you. Another unique feature of this company, as considered by Mr. Reza Aftab for customers, is a 10-year unconditional warranty on their products, which will ease anyone’s mind about the quality of the purchased products.

Aftab Rushchoob

Examining Types of Cabinets

The world of cabinets is highly diverse and up-to-date, suitable for every style and taste. From the use of luxurious and luxury cabinets for elegant homes to some other traditional and beautiful cabinets, all indicate the high diversity in the cabinet industry. If we want to refer to the types of cabinets, some of the most important ones include modern, classic, membrane, glossy, glass, MDF, and neoclassical cabinets, each of which is suitable for specific spaces with different price ranges.

Some important points when buying furniture

Iran is one of the advanced countries in the production of various types of furniture, not only meeting domestic demand but also exporting to some countries worldwide. However, purchasing furniture is not always a simple task, and the presence of low-quality materials and woods in the market requires greater caution on your part. If you intend to buy furniture with a 10-year warranty and good quality, our recommendation is to use the Aftab Rushchoob website.

Choosing furniture that matches the home decor and interior style.
Inspecting the durability of the sofa and the type of wood used in it.
Paying attention to the fabric material of the furniture and selecting its color.
Examining the texture of the upholstery fabric.
Checking and being attentive to the foam material used in the furniture.
During the purchase, ensure the furniture is brand new by inspecting underneath it.
Pay attention to the quantity and size of the furniture.
Purchase from a reputable company and obtain a warranty.

راش چوب آفتاب
راش چوب آفتاب

What is parquet and laminate

Many people opt for parquet and laminate flooring instead of ceramics for their home floors, as they offer a combination of beauty and quality. Some of the most important features of parquet and laminate include energy efficiency and making buildings lighter. If you intend to buy parquet or laminate flooring, you can explore the available designs at Aftab Rushchoob company.

Features of a Good Wooden Door

Wooden doors are essential components of a building, both in terms of security and aesthetics, and when purchasing one, you must definitely exercise careful consideration and examination. In summary, some of the features of a good-quality standard wooden door can include high strength and durability, sound insulation, insulation against heat and cold, appropriate shape and weight, ease of repair and installation, as well as the use of quality locks, especially in security doors.

Aftab Rushchoob

Aftab Rushchoob in the virtual space

Due to technological advancements and the virtual space, many individuals opt to save time and expedite their tasks by placing orders through various online platforms. Mr. Engineer Reza Aftab at the Aftab Rushchoob collection has also considered various facilities in the virtual space for customers, allowing them to easily access free consultation and place their orders through the following links.

Website address : https://rushchoob32.com
Instagram page address : https://www.instagram.com/rushchoob.ir/
Telegram channel address : https://t.me/RushChoob_ir
Sales office number : +982191005697
Consultation and visit number : +989108698833
Sales manager number : +989120262718

Furthermore, if you wish to receive in-person consultation and make purchases of Aftab Rushchoob products, you can visit the factory located at the following address: Pardis, Phase 11, Ferdowsi Boulevard, Pasargad Commercial Complex, 1st floor, Unit 21.

Some features of Aftab Rushchoob

Designing and installing various types of cabinets in various designs and materials.
Producing quality wooden products at affordable prices.
Offering a 10-year warranty on all products.
Providing the option for installment purchase of MDF cabinets and wardrobes.
Sales and installation of false ceiling, parquet, and laminate, as well as wall and floor coverings tailored to your budget.
Manufacturing various high-quality wooden room doors and security doors.

Closing remarks

As you may know, interior decoration plays a significant role in making a home beautiful and unique nowadays. Based on the information provided in the above passage, you’ve probably realized the high importance of various wooden products such as cabinets, furniture, wooden doors, parquet, and other items in enhancing the beauty of a building. However, it’s essential to be aware that the quality and price in this market vary greatly, and the presence of subpar materials necessitates your careful selection of a reputable and warranty-backed company.
With over 35 years of experience in this field and offering the necessary guarantees, Aftab Rushchoob is a reliable choice. Additionally, thanks to its direct production capabilities, the prices offered by this company are also very competitive.

Aftab Rushchoob