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with multiple separate productions in the cabinet and decoration industry

Rushchoob, with years of targeted experience in the fields of sales, design, and execution of various cabinets, wall coverings, cabinet tops, kitchen islands, and more, stands ready to provide services with a seasoned team and modern equipment.

The aim of aftab rushchoob is to offer high-quality services and products to valued customers. Project execution in all regions of the country is one of the services provided by this industrial group.

For inquiries about pricing, blueprints, and the dimensions of your project, please get in touch with us through our contact channels.

Any guidance and consultation provided by the experts of the company are completely free of charge.

(Sample and catalog presentation to colleagues is also free of charge.)

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Fascinating Parquets


Nowadays, for various reasons, parquet is preferred over stone and ceramics. Parquet, being made of HDF material, prevents heat loss during the winter season. Additionally, parquets have the advantage of being movable without damage after installation and are very cost-effective compared to stone and ceramics. Parquet is considered the best choice for interior building styling. Furthermore, the greatest advantage of parquet is the speed of its installation. For example, the flooring of a unit can be installed in one day, making it highly efficient for completing construction projects quickly.

All of the above factors and other benefits have made parquet a significant choice for builders, housing developers, and household consumers today. Our pride is your choice. Parquet serves as a relatively strong insulator against sound transmission, provides warm and comforting flooring in winter, and a cool and soothing surface in the heat of summer. The importance of safety and slip resistance of parquet becomes evident when you compare it with ceramics and the common risks of slips and falls, especially when the foot is slightly wet on a ceramic surface.

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Iranian company Aftab Rushchoob takes pride in offering all interior design and decoration products at the lowest prices available in the market to our esteemed partners and visitors.

We are a manufacturer of PVC corner profiles and tools, distributor of products from Behina and Azin Plast Esatis companies, stone corner profiles, 3D wall coverings, various types of thermo wood, Russian wood, laminate, PVC flooring, and more.

Our products are 100% waterproof and antibacterial, resistant to weather changes and harmful insects. With the assurance of our management’s commitment to quality, we guarantee the delivery of our products to ensure the peace of mind of our valued customers.

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