What is a membrane cabinet?

Membrane kitchen cabinets are a new style of classic cabinets, also known as vacuum cabinets. Classic cabinets are usually priced higher compared to other types of kitchen cabinets, making membrane cabinets a recommended choice for cost savings. Membrane cabinets also offer a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from.
The difference between classic and membrane cabinets lies in the fact that the engravings on them, unlike classic models done by hand, are done using CNC machines. Additionally, membrane cabinets are divided into two categories, classic and modern, based on the type of pattern chosen for the membrane veneer. Modern designs are typically glossy with a thicker appearance, while classic designs are often intricate and feature multiple patterns.
The material of membrane kitchen cabinets is typically MDF, natural wood, or particleboard, which is covered with a membrane or vacuum veneer and completely sealed through vacuum sealing. Membrane coverings are essentially PVC coverings used to enhance attractiveness, which is why membrane cabinet coverings are known for their high strength and water resistance.
Advantages of membrane cabinets
Membrane cabinets have diverse designs and colors.
They have the capability to harmonize with the rest of the home decor, creating beautiful harmony.
Membrane cabinets are very cost-effective and budget-friendly.
They are waterproof and ideal in terms of resistance to moisture, scratches, insect growth, and color fading.
Due to their suitable covering, these cabinets are very easy to clean.
Repair and replacement of membrane cabinets are also possible.
Disadvantages of membrane cabinets
If vacuuming the PVC coatings is not done properly, it can lead to the formation of small bubbles on the surface of the cabinet, affecting its appearance.
Ideally, membrane cabinets should not be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, as there is a possibility of color fading.
The final quality of the cabinet depends on the skill of the cabinetmaker. (A reputable cabinet maker ensures quality and offers a full refund guarantee in case of dissatisfaction to all its customers.)
The price of membrane cabinets
Among kitchen cabinets, membrane cabinets are generally priced higher compared to gloss cabinets and MDF cabinets, but they are lower in price compared to other classic cabinets (wood veneer, wood, and polyester, etc.).
Factors affecting the price of membrane cabinets include:
The type and quality of materials used.
The level of engraving/design complexity.
The cabinet’s dimensions.
The number of components used (shelves, drawers, etc.).
As mentioned above, there are numerous factors that influence the price of membrane cabinets, so it’s not possible to provide a precise answer to a single question like, “What is the price per square meter of membrane cabinets?” However, if you don’t have the time to understand the pricing of membrane cabinets and how it’s calculated, feel free to reach out to us, and we can provide you with an approximate price.
The price of membrane cabinets in February 2021 is approximately between 3.5 million to 4.5 million Iranian Rials. If you need more information and a more precise quote, please contact us, and we will provide you with free consultation.
Furthermore, I’d like to add that if you speak with our expert and ask for a quote, you are likely to hear the most fair price! We source the raw materials and necessary materials for membrane cabinets from reputable suppliers in the market to reduce the final cost for you.
But if you want to know exactly how much you should budget for your kitchen cabinets and precisely calculate the price of membrane cabinets, I recommend reading the text carefully.
The first point I want to emphasize again is that to get an accurate price, we shouldn’t just be looking for a number like the cost per square meter of Tehran membrane cabinets, because the answer we receive is not precise and won’t be of much help. However, if we know exactly what type of membrane cabinet we prefer and specify the color and design of our cabinet, we can get the closest and best estimate for determining the final costs of our kitchen cabinets.
The first thing we are going to discuss together is the model of the membrane cabinet:
The model of the membrane cabinet and the designs present on the main body of the cabinet have a significant impact on the final price of the cabinet. This is because the core of the cabinet, which is usually made of simple MDF, is precisely cut either by laser or CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting machines, according to the selected design and the system’s configuration. This is why if the design of the membrane cabinet we choose is very intricate or, in other words, labor-intensive, it requires a more precise cutting machine, which naturally increases the labor cost.
So, we should consider that the design we choose has an effect on the final price of the membrane cabinet.