What is modern cabinetry?

For interior design of homes, residential units, and commercial spaces, the choice of an overall style and interior decoration has always been a prominent topic. Since the kitchen is one of the most crucial (perhaps the most important) areas related to home design and decoration, the choice of kitchen cabinet style has a significant impact on the final outcome. To select the overall style of your kitchen cabinets, you can choose from modern cabinet designs, classic cabinets, or a combination of the two (neo-classic cabinets).
In this article, we will provide an explanation and examination of modern cabinets.
Modern cabinets essentially encompass various and diverse cabinet designs that are used in kitchens with minimal details and decorations. Modern cabinets, in most cases, resemble minimalistic designs where an attempt is made to use simple geometric shapes and create a clean and straightforward space. In contrast to classic cabinets, which are essentially part of traditional designs, modern cabinets have the least possible details, and their primary emphasis is on simplicity, unity, and beauty through minimalistic design.
Simplicity of doors and woods, smoothness and uniformity of patterns, angular and glossy designs are among the factors that receive attention in modern kitchen cabinets. Due to the daily advancement of technology, especially in the field of tools and equipment used in homes, manufacturers’ inclination, and people’s taste are moving towards modern and minimalistic designs. For this reason, people pay special attention to modern cabinets in designing their homes.
Material and design of modern cabinet
For constructing modern cabinets, various materials can be used, such as transparent or matte glass, stone, iron, or even plastic. Additionally, special plastic or wood veneers can be used for modern designs.
An interesting point about modern cabinet design is the ability to use different combinations of materials, while in classic cabinets, typically only one type of material is used. Modern cabinets also come in various types; for instance, glass cabinets are one of the popular choices in modern cabinet designs.
Modern Cabinet Door Styles
In modern cabinets, the emphasis is on achieving the simplest output, which can also be observed in the design of modern cabinet doors. This high degree of simplicity in modern cabinet doors, as well as other components, makes them suitable for various environments.
Modern cabinet doors are typically entirely smooth and devoid of any specific patterns or details. There are no additional embellishments like decorative carvings, raised surfaces, or ornate modeling. Particularly, if your space is small, using modern cabinets, especially in lighter colors, can help create the illusion of a larger space.
Maintenance Methods for Modern Cabinets to Increase Longevity
The kitchen and its environment are perhaps the most frequently used parts of your home. For this reason, even neglecting small details in relation to your modern kitchen cabinets can result in significant damage due to extensive use.
Open and close the drawers and doors of your modern cabinets with care.
One of the things that can quickly damage your cabinets is applying excessive pressure when opening and closing the cabinet drawers and doors. Keep in mind that one of the vulnerable parts of your modern cabinets is the hinges. Therefore, try to gently open and close the doors and drawers.
Your modern cabinets may have a soft-close mechanism. This system ensures that the doors and drawers don’t slam shut but rather close gently on their own. Be cautious not to apply extra pressure when closing the cabinet doors and drawers, and allow the soft-close mechanism to do its job.
Lastly, it is recommended to periodically use sewing machine oil to lubricate the hinges. This can help extend the life of the hinges.
Cleaning periodic levels of modern cabinets
Regularly cleaning the cabinets has a significant impact on maintaining their proper condition. If the natural accumulation of dirt and dust is allowed to linger on the surface for an extended period, it can seep inside and cause damage to the cabinets, diminishing the beauty and modern kitchen cabinet aesthetics. That’s why it’s essential to clean the cabinets regularly, especially on the cabinet fronts or areas that may come into contact with spices or grease during cooking, as these areas are more susceptible to staining and discoloration.
Before placing dishes inside the cabinet, make sure to thoroughly dry them
It’s true that the predominant coating on modern cabinets is waterproof, and the interior of kitchen cabinets is no exception to this. However, because the core of cabinets is often made of materials like MDF or plywood, the possibility of water penetration into the inner parts still exists, which can lead to cabinet swelling. Moreover, placing wet and moist dishes inside the cabinet creates favorable conditions for the growth of various molds. That’s why we strongly recommend avoiding placing moist dishes inside your cabinets.
Avoid placing heavy dishes and items inside the cabinet shelves
Considering the material used in the construction of kitchen cabinets, each cabinet has the capability to withstand a certain weight. If we place heavier items inside it, it can cause the internal shelves to bend and deviate from their level and uniform position. In the worst case scenario, it may even result in the cabinet shelves breaking.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Cabinets
Naturally, in order to make a better decision for choosing your kitchen cabinets, you should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of modern cabinets. Although the advantages of these cabinets far outweigh their disadvantages, having more knowledge helps us make a more rational choice.
Advantages of Modern Cabinets
The first and foremost advantage is its cost-effectiveness (compared to classic cabinets)
There is a very wide variety of colors and patterns available for modern cabinets
If grade 1 materials are used in the construction of this type of cabinet and are also used properly, it will have a long lifespan.
Disadvantages of Modern Cabinets
If one of the cabinet doors gets damaged, there is no possibility of repair or replacement.
The veneer thickness of most modern cabinets is very thin, making them vulnerable to impact, scratches, and dents.
These cabinets are highly sensitive to extreme heat and humidity.