What are glass cabinets?

Glass cabinets are essentially made from MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), and their main body, which is made of MDF, has a specific type of plastic coating. The primary distinction of glass kitchen cabinets is indeed this plastic coating, which gives them a very high gloss and visual appeal. The term “High Gloss” refers to this high shine.
For constructing cabinets in your kitchen or any other desired location, you can use various types of materials. For example, there are membrane cabinets, wooden cabinets, classic cabinets, neo-classical cabinets, or even MDF cabinets, which themselves come in various coatings available in the market, and High Gloss cabinets are among the popular and beloved choices among people.
To determine the quality of the glass sheets, you should pay attention to the level of reflection or the waves present on their surface. Naturally, the lower the level of these reflections or waves on the surface of the glass sheets, the higher the light reflection and brilliance, indicating better quality.
Types of glass cabinet covers
Polyglass Coating: This is one of the most durable and glossy coatings available in the market, often sold under brands like Alvic and Niemann.
Laminate Coating: Laminate is the most budget-friendly option for glass kitchen cabinets. However, it tends to have less shine compared to other coatings and may become matte over time.
Acrylic Coating: Acrylic is one of the thickest coatings for glass kitchen cabinets, known for its long lifespan. Even if it accidentally gets scratched, it can easily be restored to its original condition with polishing.
PVC Coating: This type of coating is essentially a pressed-on cover that creates tools or patterns on cabinet doors. There’s no need for edge banding with PVC coating.
UV Coating: UV coating has the capability to have various designs printed on it, setting it apart from other coatings. This feature is its key differentiator.
Disadvantages of glass cabinets
Glass cabinets are highly susceptible to scratches and this makes proper maintenance essential. All the corners of these cabinets are smooth and sharp, which may pose a slight risk. However, with proper care, this issue can be mitigated.
The water-resistant property of glass kitchen cabinets is due to the presence of a plastic coating. In practice, since the core of these cabinets is made of MDF, if for any reason this coating is damaged or scratched, it will become vulnerable to water damage.
If glass cabinets are exposed to sunlight for an extended period, they will gradually turn yellow and lose their initial luster and beauty.
Maintenance of Glass Cabinets
Due to the smooth and glossy surface of glass cabinets, fingerprints and handprints are easily visible, so it should be cleaned regularly with a dry cloth. If you are sensitive to the visibility of handprints on the surface of your cabinets, we recommend using light-colored glass kitchen cabinets.
Since the core of this type of cabinet is made of simple MDF, you should be extremely careful not to scratch the surface of glass cabinets and avoid damaging them, and prevent sharp objects from coming into contact with their surface.
When ordering your cabinets, be aware that if the installation location of your cabinets is exposed to direct sunlight, glass kitchen cabinets may not be the best option for you. If glass cabinets are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period, they gradually lose their color and turn yellow. One of the most common complaints that has caused people discomfort is the yellowing of the color of glass cabinets.
Usually, because there is a possibility of oil and food splashes on the surface of cabinets in the kitchen environment, it is recommended to immediately clean the cabinet surfaces after cooking to prevent the remaining traces of grease and yellowing of the cabinets.
The price and cost of glass cabinets
One of the positive aspects of glass cabinets is their very affordable and economical price, which also adds a special beauty to your kitchen. Glass kitchen cabinets are slightly more expensive than MDF cabinets and are also cheaper than wooden cabinets. The type of hardware and handles you choose for your cabinets also has a significant impact on the final price of your cabinets, and it is necessary to consider this in your calculations. Of course, there are different types of glass cabinets, which naturally affect their prices. However, you can approximate the following prices for ordering your glass cabinets.
Types of Color Options for Glass Cabinets
The reason for the high variety of colors available for glass cabinets is that glass cabinets are essentially the same as MDF cabinets, but they use Plexi as a coating in their construction. Depending on your taste and the environment where you want to install the cabinets, you can choose the color and design of your glass kitchen cabinets.
White glass cabinets
Glass cabinets alone have a high gloss and shine, and when white color is also used, this level of glossiness is multiplied, which can significantly enhance the brightness of your kitchen. Additionally, because white color can easily be combined with any other color, choosing white glass cabinets is one of the most popular and trendy choices available.

White and Black Glass Cabinets

Sometimes, simple designs are used for kitchen cabinets, and alongside simplicity, an attempt is made to use contrasting colors to add more attractiveness to the environment. That’s why using two colors, white and black, which have the highest contrast with each other, can be a suitable choice that captures everyone’s attention.

Wood Pattern Glass Cabinets

If you’re a fan of wooden cabinets but concerned about their high cost, choosing glass kitchen cabinets with a wood pattern can be a suitable alternative for you. By doing this, you can enjoy your chosen wood pattern without worrying about the cost.

Red glass cabinets
The use of bright and bold colors for kitchen glass cabinets has recently caught the attention of some individuals, but there are several important points to consider regarding this. Firstly, if your home and kitchen environment is small, using colors like red, purple, etc., for glass kitchen cabinets may not be a suitable choice, as it can make the space appear smaller and, in addition, make it feel cluttered. The second point is that if you decide to use red glass cabinets, be sure to choose other items with brighter colors so that they can effectively reflect light and prevent the space from becoming dark and gloomy.