Flooring and Wall Coverings

Design, Consultation, and Implementation of Flooring and Wall Coverings

An Exceptional Opportunity
Iranian Aftab Rushchoob Company takes pride in offering the lowest prices available in the market for all interior design and decoration products, serving our esteemed partners and visitors.

Manufacturer of Cornices and PVC Tools, Distributor of Behina and Azin Plastic Isatis Company’s Products, Stone Cornices, 3D Wall Coverings, Various Types of Thermo Wood, Russian Wood, Laminate, PVC Flooring, and More.
The products of Aftab Rushchoob Company are 100% waterproof and antibacterial, resistant to weather changes, and harmful insects.
With the management’s confidence in the quality of the company’s products, we guarantee delivery to customers, ensuring that our valued customers can make their purchases with peace of mind.
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Wall covering with various materials such as stone, wood, tiles, etc., has always been a common choice for interior design. Moreover, multiple and diverse wall coverings in the form of various prefabricated decorative panels from different companies are also used in many projects. However, the arrangement of tiles for wall covering and the combination of different materials can provide a unique and creative design for wall decor.

Various Decorative Tools
Decorative tools are available for various practical and ornamental applications. Whether you are looking to protect walls from chairs or simply want to add elegance, there are suitable decorative tools for you.
Explore different types of prefabricated decorative tools made of polyurethane. You will see how they can easily transform the appearance of your home, bringing a pleasant and sophisticated look to your space.

Types of cabinets: high-gloss, traditional, modern, and custom decor services in MDF.
Varieties of wall coverings: wood, foam, gypsum, ceramic, regular PVC, and premium PVC.‌
Various steel, composite, glass, and antique stone cabinets.
Different types of 3D posters, virtual skies, and stretch ceilings.
A wide range of high-quality curtains, printed shades, metal, and wooden blinds.
Over 1000 models of foreign and Iranian wallpapers.
High-quality imported and Iranian parquet and flooring options.
Drywall installation, sale of drywall materials, and painting services.

Discounts on wall coverings, gypsum, and wallpaper
Glossy white PVC with coating
Iranian and miscellaneous gypsum ceilings
Wallpapers at the lowest prices
3D and embossed posters
Decorative mirrors
Vinyl flooring and parquet
Stretch ceilings and CNC work
Stucco and gypsum tiles
Virtual skies and decorative tiles
Prefabricated gypsum tools and flower arrangements, installation at minimal cost and time
Framing tools
Adhesive-backed foam wall coverings
Wall decals and artificial stone
Design and execution
Wholesale and retail sales in cash and valid check