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The specialized collection of decoration by Aftab Rushchoob
Specialized in design, supervision, construction, and execution of the latest kitchen cabinets in the world using Italian designs and special accessories. High gloss, MDF, membrane, wood, Corian, quartz, and more are used.
Aftab Rushchoob kitchen cabinets strive to bring you unparalleled tranquility through proper cabinet system design and execution with a serene decoration.
Entrust us with the design and specialized execution of various cabinets, wall cabinets, folding beds (Murphy beds), and various office and industrial projects.
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The primary goal of Aftab Rushchoob Cabinet and Decoration Group is to be at the point of “the lowest cabinet price and the highest quality.” Your kitchen design is based on this goal, always with a focus on the total cabinet price and meticulous attention to ergonomic aspects. We strive for the highest quality of production, which is why economic conditions have had no impact on our sales. Our customers who have purchased from us have always been loyal because the balance between cabinet quality and price in the Aftab Rushchoob Cabinet and Decoration Group system always entices every customer.

General Tips for Kitchen Design and Decoration:

Since nowadays all kitchens are designed as open or island layouts and the kitchen is easily visible from the living and dining areas, and considering that many women spend a significant amount of their time in the kitchen, the kitchen is considered the most important space in a home, and it is advisable to use the utmost creativity and precision in its design. Kitchen design and decoration, like other parts of the house, have principles and rules that should be followed during design, which we will discuss in the following article.

Lighting and Natural and Artificial Ventilation
Lighting in the kitchen is one of the most influential factors in design. Initially, it is better to utilize natural lighting and ventilation in this space; otherwise, considering lighting and ventilation systems is a priority because the kitchen environment requires rapid ventilation, and the air must flow to prevent food odors from spreading in the kitchen and other areas of the house. Today, in addition to natural ventilation, hoods are widely used as artificial ventilation in almost all homes.
Regarding kitchen lighting, it can be said that most kitchens have windows and light sources; otherwise, the use of various design options for virtual skylights can be an alternative way to bring in light and create a well-lit kitchen space.

Observing the Work Triangle
In kitchen design and decoration, the concept of the work triangle refers to three imaginary lines connecting the three main elements: the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. The distance between these three elements typically falls within a range of 80 centimeters to 6 meters. Adhering to the work triangle in the kitchen is not mandatory or a rule, but by following these standards, a better kitchen space can be designed.

The Impact of Color in the Kitchen
Indirectly, colors have a significant influence on our lives, and since each color carries hidden symbols and meanings and can evoke different moods in individuals, it is better to be aware of these symbols and meanings before arranging and designing your home. Choose the decor color based on your mood and taste. Keep in mind that bright colors always make a space appear larger and more illuminated. If you have a small or dark kitchen, prioritize the use of bright colors.
Furthermore, to ensure harmony between household items and the kitchen, we recommend paying attention to the choice of cabinet colors so that they complement the furniture, carpets, and other furnishings, creating a visually pleasing atmosphere in your home.

Using Natural Plants
The use of flowers and ornamental plants is recommended in all parts of the house because it promotes freshness and vitality and also provides natural ventilation in the environment.

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