Aftab Rushchoob is a manufacturer of various types of furniture, producing comfortable, classic, steel, lounge, and more
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The Policy of the Aftab Rushchoob Furniture Production Group
The Aftab Rushchoob Furniture Collection, under the management of Mr. Reza Aftab, has started its activities in the production of various types of furniture, interior decoration design, and implementation. This company strives to meet the diverse tastes and preferences of customers throughout Iran by providing a wide range of classic and modern furniture designs with high-quality products, making customers independent of imported furniture.

In line with this goal and to uphold the motto of the Supreme Leader, which introduced 1396 as the year of resistance economy, production, and employment, the Aftab Rushchoob Furniture Production Group has committed to offering all its products at factory prices. We hope to contribute, even in a small way, to the realization of the leadership’s goals and vision.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your product prices lower than everywhere else?
Dear friends, the main reason for the reasonable prices of our products is that all models are produced from scratch to finish by the Aftab Rushchoob Furniture Production Group and are directly offered without intermediaries. Therefore, you receive a discount equivalent to the intermediary’s profit.

Do you guarantee the material and work quality?
Yes, all products come with a 10-year warranty in terms of color, fabric material, and foam quality.

How long does it take for our order to be delivered?
In most cases, orders are delivered to customers within 10 to 15 working days.

Do you have in-person purchases available?
Yes, the address is provided in the website and Instagram descriptions. Choose your desired model and send it via WhatsApp to receive additional details and pricing.

Do you offer installment plans and accept employee checks?
Yes, due to the affordability of our prices alongside excellent quality, we do offer installment sales for your convenience.

Do you deliver to other cities?
Yes, we do. Only the delivery cost is your responsibility, but we provide insurance, complete packaging, and secure transportation.

Do the models displayed on your website and Instagram come in other colors?
Yes, all models are available in various colors according to your preferences.

We live in another city; how can we make a purchase?
We will send you a detailed invoice via WhatsApp, including the model and color specifications. After your confirmation, the production will commence🙏

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