Pardis Wall Cabinets

What are Pardis wall cabinets? What types are available, and at what prices can you order them? These are some of the questions residents of Pardis City search for on Google to find answers. We have prepared articles on Pardis wall cabinets for you to read and find answers to your questions. If you still have questions after reading, feel free to contact our expert team.

What Is a Pardis Wall Cabinet?

You might initially think that a Pardis wall cabinet refers to a specific type of wall cabinet. If so, you’re mistaken. This type of cabinet refers to wall cabinets that are specifically ordered for units in Pardis City, especially in Phase 11. These units all have a uniform shape and size and provide an empty space for constructing wall cabinets.
The size of this empty space is standardized in all units without balconies, and you should entrust this task to someone with sufficient experience. The width of this space is 190 cm, the depth is 120 cm, and the height is 270 cm. With these dimensions, various types of wall cabinets can be constructed, which we will introduce below.

Types of Pardis Wall Cabinets

In general, there are two types of wall cabinets that can be constructed for Phase 11 units in Pardis. Depending on your taste and requirements, you can choose one of them in your preferred color and have it delivered in the shortest possible time. These two models are:
Box Wall Cabinets
As the name suggests, these wall cabinets are initially created as large boxes or separate containers. Then, they are installed on top of each other in place. Constructing these wall cabinets involves connecting the boxes with fittings and attaching doors to the boxes. Box wall cabinets can be made in a rail or frame style. These cabinets require expertise and, due to the need for high precision, you should be sensitive when choosing their manufacturer. These cabinets have a long lifespan and are more beautiful and functional than frame cabinets. If you plan to relocate, you can easily move these cabinets without any worries.
Frame Wall Cabinets
Frame cabinets are the type of cabinets found in most homes. In this type of cabinets, a metal or wooden frame must first be constructed and installed. Then, doors and cabinet veneers are placed on the frame. The diameter of these frames is usually 4 to 6 centimeters.

Pardis Wall Cabinet Prices

The price of wall cabinets cannot be expressed as a single fixed figure. There are many factors and parameters that affect the pricing of wall cabinets. The price of wall cabinets is determined by two main types of costs:
Raw Materials: These include the types of wood, fittings such as handles and locks, and other materials used in the construction.
Labor and Assembly: This includes the cost of labor and transportation.
The cost of construction depends on the type of wall cabinet you request, the type of fittings and their quality, the number of shelves, and the type of drawer slides used. We use high-quality drawer slides for constructing drawers. We offer choices between soft-close and regular drawer slides. Additionally, you have the option to choose handles or locks according to your preferences. The choice of materials, such as Membrane, High Gloss, Letron, MDF, Framemid, Lami Glass, and others, also affects the price, with variations depending on the country of manufacture.

How to Order Pardis Wall Cabinets

If you intend to order a wall cabinet in Pardis city after reading this instructional article, or if the dimensions of your wall cabinet space are 190 x 120 x 270 centimeters, you can contact us. You can place an order for your wall cabinet either in person or remotely.
If you are far away or unable to visit the workshop, you can place an order by contacting us through the provided phone numbers on our website or directly through the website. You can also get in touch with us and provide the dimensions of your wall cabinet space so that we can inform you about the available wall cabinet options. If you have any previous experiences with ordering from us or any questions, please feel free to leave your comments in the feedback section.
Closing Remarks
If you intend to order these wall cabinets, simply contact us and provide the type of wood, fittings, and the type of cabinet you desire, and we will provide you with an approximate price.

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