A ceremony to honor Engineer Reza Aftab at the third national summit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We proudly announce that, in the presence of esteemed figures of Iran’s industry and commerce, an appreciation ceremony was held during the third national summit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Third Millennium to honor one of the prominent figures in the woodworking industry.

Engineer Reza Aftab, through his dedication and perseverance, has created an outstanding framework for the production and export of wooden products. Utilizing his technical expertise and artistic skills, he has managed to achieve remarkable growth in this industry over the years. From designing and manufacturing high-quality products to establishing an international distribution network, Engineer Aftab has continuously attracted the global market to his side.

Due to this exceptional dedication and efforts that go beyond the ordinary, in the third national summit of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this exceptional individual was honored. Consequently, a splendid ceremony was held to appreciate and thank him for his activities in the field of wooden product production and export.

You are invited to the next summit to express strong and genuine support for the woodworking industry and Engineer Aftab’s efforts. A lasting atmosphere has been created so that during this event, you, dear engineers and entrepreneurs, can share creative and innovative ideas with each other and play a positive role in the continued growth and development of the woodworking industry.

With relentless dedication and effort, we can all get closer to the greater goals of the woodworking industry. Your participation and support in this glorious event will signify a reconsideration of our social responsibilities towards the development and progress of the woodworking sector.

Engineer Reza Aftab is considered a pioneer in this field, and your presence at this inspiring event will not go unnoticed. His motivational and energetic words will take you into a fascinating world of ideas and successful models in the woodworking industry.

We deeply appreciate your willingness to participate in this magnificent event, and the announcement of this matter by us will be highly regarded.

Wishing you continued success and greater achievements, both for you and all industrialists.


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