Building Cabinets in Phase 11 Pardis

The heart of every home is its kitchen, and certainly, you cannot overlook the main part, which is its decoration. At first glance, it is the cabinets that shape the look of every kitchen. Therefore, cabinet purchase should be based on the interior space to be both beautiful and functional, and of high quality. Nowadays, with the advancement of machinery and the spread of new materials, cabinets are available in a variety of designs and different materials. However, features such as durability, resistance to heat and moisture, beauty, affordability, and ease of cleaning and maintenance are key points to consider when choosing and buying.

Types of Cabinets

Most cabinets have the same structure in terms of the body, and it is the type of door that gives them variety. Cabinets available in the market today come in different materials such as metal, solid wood, wood veneer, MDF, PVC, laminated, high-gloss, and more.
Comparing the materials of different types of cabinets:
Metal cabinets have been used in our Iranian homes for a long time due to their affordable price, high durability, and ease of cleaning.
Solid wood cabinets have also been popular, but they are expensive. They are made from the wood of trees such as cherry, oak, maple, walnut, beech, and many other trees. These cabinets have high durability, come in various textures and designs, and add beauty for years.
On the other hand, due to their luxurious nature, veneered wood cabinets have higher prices, so wood veneer-covered cabinets with lower prices have been added to the market.

You have probably heard of MDF and are familiar with it. MDF is made from wood waste, glue, and resin. It is coated with a glossy or matte finish. Melamine veneer sheets, like MDF, are covered with veneer sheets but with the difference that melamine cabinets usually come pre-made.

The price of these cabinets is very reasonable, but they usually do not have a long life and are sensitive to moisture.
PVC cabinets are one of the most resistant cabinets to damage from moisture or decay, which is why they are used more in humid environments. PVC veneer sheets are made of compacted plastic with thickness and have the advantages of being lightweight, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, scratch-resistant, and impact-resistant.
The price of PVC cabinets is usually higher compared to MDF cabinets.

Comparison of Styles of Phase 11 Pardis Cabinets

Cabinets, apart from their design and material, are also categorized based on their style.
Modern, Membrane (Classic), Neo-Classic, and Enzo (or Polish).
Modern cabinets are only designed with MDF or high-gloss materials, and no wood is used in this style. Classic and Neo-Classic cabinets have a similar overall design, with the difference that Neo-Classic cabinets are simpler and made of wood. Alongside wooden cabinets, membrane cabinets are also one of the modern and luxurious cabinets, which currently have a higher price compared to MDF cabinets.
Membrane sheets are made of MDF or wood. The sheets are placed in a vacuum machine and shaped by heat and pressure into a mold.
Enzo cabinets are a combination of membrane and modern cabinets.

Enzo cabinets are executed with a diameter of 25 millimeters. Vacuum coating creates a protective layer on these types of cabinets and increases their resistance when removing Polish paint.

Installation of Phase 11 Pardis Cabinets

If you also want to furnish your unit or home with the best materials while getting reasonably priced cabinets, or if you are thinking of a major renovation and remodeling of the interior space, understanding the types of cabinets will be useful for you. Of course, our colleagues can assist you with further questions.

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