What are the stages of cabinet construction?

Design – Sheet Purchase – Cutting – PVC – Assembly – Installation

Why does a specific design with specific materials have different prices?

The process of making cabinets or decorations is a custom or handmade job, and prices vary accordingly. Now let’s provide a few examples to clarify some of the differences.

The first step in your project is to purchase sheets. For purchasing white MDF sheets used in the body of the work, you can obtain them from various sources (Iranian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc.). The only price difference lies in the quality of the sheets, and their dimensions are the same. Customers cannot discern any difference between them.

Cabinet making

Cutting MDF Sheets

The next step is cutting the sheets. These sheets can be cut using ordinary workshop machines, ranging from small 2 million Tomans machines to advanced 200 million Tomans machines. The differences in accuracy, quality, and the time it takes to complete the job are quite noticeable. Usually, the distinguishing feature can be found on the edges of the cuts. If you pay attention to the edge of MDF sheets near the PVC tape, you can feel the differences.

PVC work is another important aspect of the process. The price of PVC applied to the sheets also varies. The pressing machines for PVC also have prices ranging from 40 million Tomans to 210 million Tomans. The price of pressing per meter and its quality have an impact, but customers have no knowledge about them.

Cabinet Assembly and Installation

The final step is assembly and installation. It can be said that this is the most important part, carried out by installers, and precision and installation technique are crucial (similar to a surgeon performing surgery, and the work of different surgeons varies, and their fees also differ accordingly). Installation prices in Tehran range from 35,000 Tomans to 100,000 Tomans per meter (prices from 2015) and vary in quality of installation.

In this article, we have tried to answer the question of “why the price difference in cabinet making?” It is not our intention to say that a high price guarantees good quality, or that a low price means poor quality. We recommend that you compare the quality of exhibition works with each other to make a better choice. If you still have doubts about your choice, ask your cabinet maker to show you a sample of their work.

Cabinet Prices


Another important point in these price differences, which some customers may not like to know but is always disclosed by reputable and well-known manufacturers to their customers, is that some colored MDF sheets, such as German, Spanish, Austrian, etc., have similarities with Iranian, Turkish, Chinese, etc., but the price difference between genuine sheets and non-genuine ones is significant. Even their dimensions are larger. It has been observed that some sellers who have no official operating permits use these samples as genuine, offering them at lower prices to customers.

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