The Brilliance of a Startup at the National Summit on Social Responsibility and Organizational Culture

The fifth National Summit on Social Responsibility and Organizational Culture was held with the aim of honoring active entrepreneurs in various fields and promoting the level of participation of organizations, institutions, and more.

Rash Choub Aftab Startup

According to this report, the empowerment of organizations and companies in terms of their social responsibility mission, aimed at preserving, caring for, and assisting the community, involves examining the position of CSR ethics in the activities of economic commercial enterprises, enhancing the participation level of organizations, institutions, and companies in cross-sectoral areas related to social responsibility, exploring methods of creating business and economic activities based on social responsibility models, the role of social responsibility in creating business markets and developing individual and organizational skills, and institutionalizing the concept of social responsibility in the Iranian economy based on the Vision 1404 document. Elevating the position of business ethics and corporate social responsibility in companies and organizations is declared as one of the main objectives of this assembly.

Rash Choub Aftab Startup

Reza Aftab; CEO of Aftab Rushchoob Company

It’s worth mentioning that in the aforementioned assembly, with the support of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts, and with the aim of honoring some of the national winners in the field of top entrepreneurs, such as the startup company “Rushchoob” under the management of “Reza Aftab, CEO of Aftab Rushchoob Company,” was selected. He had previously been chosen as a successful national manager in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and as the owner of one of the top domestic and international brands with a knowledge management agility index and success in the field of exports using modern technologies and specialized personnel, and with ten years of support.

The Aftab Rushchoob startup, as a knowledge-based company, has made efforts and endeavors to advance the industry in this border and region.

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